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Diposting oleh Sakura Belle Beauty di 07.08
SKIN79 VITAL BB cream SPF 50 ++ upgrade formula !!
For oily skin
Upgraded sunscreen that prevents skin discoloration and skin aging with UV A and B sun protection, a triple function BB cream that makes skin bright and smooth, strengthens skin's overall protection capacity and blocks melanin formation while giving elasticity to sagging skin.

Phytosphingosine and Ceramide as similar ingredients to skin can strengthen skin's NMF and maintain balanced skin condition. OSMOPUR-N and Vital-V Complex soothe and protect skin from various harmful environments to make a moisturized, healthy skin.

Soft, moist texture with W/S component is absorbed into outer skin layer while excellent adhesion and sustainability make skin transparent and clean
The SKIN79 SUPER PLUS TRIPLE FUNCTIONS VITAL ORANGE BB CREAM is an improved variant of the HOT PINK LABEL, is suitable for normal to oily skin types and has the TRIPLE EFFECT OF,
  • Whitening for a spotless, radiant and smooth skin
  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles
  • Suitable for caring large pores
  • Removes pimple and acne scars
  • Matte Finished and good oil control
  • Best protection against UV rays
  • Higher SPF
Because SKIN79 wanted with the "HOT ORANGE" to drop a BB Cream that in all respects offer the best for the skin, it provides,
  • The best sun protection
  • A more vibrant skin by VITAL-V VITAMIN COMPLEX
  • A healthier skin because of more ecological ingredients
  • Faster absorption of the cream through the skin
  • Better control of sebum production

skin79 Vital Orange BB Cream

- creamy texture, easy and smooth to apply
- Blends my skin tone
- Does not give a grey cast on your face
- Sheer to medium coverage depending on how much you apply
- Perfect for oily/combination skin
- Acts as a concealer or foundation
- Awesome SPF! (SPF50+ PA+++)
Main ingredients : Adenosin(Helps diminish wrinkles), Arbutin(Whitening), Vital-V Complex(Vitality & Brightening), ECO-oil MX(Hydrating & Soothing), Chamomile Extracts(Moisturizing & Soothing), Argania Spinosa Shell Oil(Nourishing)

ONLY Rp 270.000,-
Harga dijual di mall singapore : 37usd = 344rb*
For order(◦'⌣'◦ )  :
SMS : +62 - 081228787778

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